Electronics that every household should have

We have found some of the most exciting products for your home that help to improve style, energy efficiency and to just make your house a home. The products listed are also designed to help you find problems before they escalate. Find out more about the electronics industry.

Working to achieve a  contemporary design

Working to achieve a contemporary design

Opening roof lights or skylights combine minimal design with creative automation. They provide your home with style and create a natural light opening – something every homeowner wants. In addition, they allow you to connect with the outside and listen to the beautiful wonders of nature from your house.

For those who are interested in purchasing skylights to inject sophistication into their home, then we suggest EOS Ltd. They supply beautifully designed rooflights for flat roofs. Each of their windows is handpicked so their customers only receive the best. See: Opening Roof-lights page.

They use laminated glass panes in their double glazed units. It is designed to hold together when broken, providing your home with security and a safe solution.

Control the temperature of your property anywhere

Control the temperature of your property anywhere

The Nest Thermostat allows you to control your home’s temperature by using your smartphone. In addition, it begins to learn your usual temperature preferences throughout the day – soon it will automatically change to the preferred temperature when it hits a certain hour, you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

It has been created beautifully with a sleek and minimal design to fit perfectly into any space in your home. Shop here.

Easily protect your household

It is easier than ever to detect leaks and mould in a property with the Wally-Home device. It uses sensors to detect and measure temperature, moisture and humidity levels in the house. If it finds something suspecting, it will send you an alert so you can deal with it accordingly and before any further damage appears. Discover it here.

One of the best features about this is the ability to detect outside areas too. If they are in a certain range, they will send you an alert so the problem can be dealt with fast and before it gets into the house. Contact us to find out about more electronics for the home.

Computer cabling installation from ACCL LondonInstall Computer Cabling

Wire up your house with the latest in data cabling. Connect all your electronic devices to a central network for the best performance – high bandwidths, fast upload and download times and reliable service. For lightning fast data transmission choose fibre optic cables.

Data cabling is used in many homes, businesses and universities to connect to the internet and internal servers.

The installation of computer cabling is a task that should always be left to qualified professionals. We recommend ACCL Data Cabling for computer cabling installation services you can trust. Book here.