Video production equipment

We help to design, manufacture and market video routers, splitters, extenders and repeaters for a multitude of video standards. We have been in business for many years, with many delighted customers, providing many testimonials.
We are based in Manchester, but have customers throughout the UK and beyond.

Providing Value

As stated above, we cater for a multitude of video standards, maintaing quality and value for money over cost effective CAT5, CAT5e CAT6, CAT7, or CAT8 (we’ll refer to all as CAT5*) twisted pair cable. These video standards include composite video, PAL, NTSC, SECAM, S-Video (Y/C), RGB, YUV, YCbCr, YPbPr (with separate syncs, sync on green or composite syncs), together with VGA (Video Graphics Array) with resolutions from 800 x 600 to 1600 x 1200. These are available in single source to single destination, single source to multiple destination and multiple source to multiple destination varieties.

The most basic unit would be for video only applications such as digital signage or information displays in bus stations, airports, train stations and courthouses in addition to pump-top advertising in pubs, bars and nightclubs. Another area this has been hugely successful is within the financial service sector, where information has to be delivered in real time with no room for graphical error.

By extending the source equipment to a secure area it is possible to avoid theft or tampering. Additionally, by grouping all source equipment together eases servicing, updating and deployment of new advertising/information graphics. Other advantages of moving the source away from the ‘user’ would be space saving and of course, environmental issues such as heat and noise levels.

Improving Quality

As the world is getting more security conscious CCTV cameras are popping up all over the place, in the street, in shops, airports, bus stations, pubs and nightclubs to name a few. Truth be known, many of the video signals that are being received from these cameras are so bad that you can barely make accurate identification from the image once it has been received at the monitoring station. The signal you receive using SSE video baluns is so crisp you can relax safe in the knowledge that big brother really does see all.

Video and Audio

As well as distributing video there are many applications where it is also necessary to distribute audio, data and even reverse infra red for controlling the source equipment from the remote location.

If we add audio to the video (still on only one cable) this opens up a whole new area of application from in-store advertising (a new and very fast growing trend), conference centres, lecture halls / classrooms, evidence displays in courtrooms and even distributed AV in aircraft and ships. Television retail stores are using this technology to send video and audio to their display areas, knowing the customer will see the best performance from the TV and are more likely to buy.

Other Applications

So now let’s add some data to the video and audio. If we add a reverse infra red path then we can watch, listen and control, lets say a DVD player or a satellite decoder, from a different location using only one CAT5* cable. Now you can finish watching that movie from the comfort of your bedroom without needing to do anymore than switch your television on and select an AV channel.

SSE also has the ability to extend PS/2, serial RS232 and RS485 data. For example, serial RS232 can be used to extend touchscreens but can also be used for controlling the switching on or off of plasma screens and projectors to prolong their life.

Other applications include courtroom cameras where in addition to viewing evidence the camera positions and viewing angles can also be controlled remotely allowing greater flexibility. RS485 is often used for the control of pan, tilt and zoom of extended CCTV cameras and webcams. PS/2 extension enables us to control keyboard and mouse functions so you can control a computer from a remote location. Applications for PC extenders include internet cafes, point of sale terminals, offices, kiosks, server farms, pub gaming machines and digital jukeboxes where you only have space for a display with touchscreen and not the bulky base unit.

We hope this has given you a little insight into our capabilities and also hope it’s given you a new avenue to explore in finding a solution to your AV distribution requirements.