Everything you need to know about repairing an iPhone

Although the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, it isn’t perfect and problems do arise. Luckily for Apple users, most of these problems can be fixed if in the right hands. So, follow our tips and if you’re faced with any troubles, you should know what to do.

How to fix your blue screen of deathBlue iPhone Screen

Have you ever witnessed your iPhone with the blue or red screen of death? Many people panic when this appears, however it isn’t the end just yet.

All you to have to do to fix this is connect your phone to iTunes via computer or laptop. Whilst it is connected you will have to reboot your phone by holding down the home and power button at the same time for around 10 seconds.

When doing this, on iTunes an alert box will appear saying your phone needs to be updated and you should do so. This process should take under 10 minutes, if not your phone may enter the recovery stage again. Update your phone today.

Fixing your battery problems

The worst part about being out and about is the worry of our phones dying on us and there’s nothing we can do. However, there are simple changes we can make to our settings to help our battery last that little bit longer. Check out household electronics.

Background App Refresh is a setting that takes up a lot of battery and some of us don’t even know that it’s on, so go into settings and then general and turn it off. Another setting to alter is the brightness of your phone. When inside, the brightness doesn’t need to be all the way up, so turn your brightness down and see how much longer your battery lasts.

Fast, in-store battery replacementsiPhone battery replacement

Although making these changes may help, the result of your phone not lasting long may be due to the battery on the phone. After time, these begin to swell, making them less useful than ever before.

Having a battery replacement will help your phone to perform as good as new and your phone will last all day and won’t die when it still has charge left. At Square Repair, battery replacements start at £30.00. Keep reading. So, if you’re based in London and you have a broken phone, there is no better place to stop off at for affordable repairs.