The Best Phone Accessories for Android Smartphones in 2017

Androids are great for a number of reasons and one of them is how compatible they are with a number of phone accessories that will make the phone much more exciting and easier to use. Our list of best accessories covers all things from cases to keyboards. See useful electronics.

Phone Cases with a TwistCustomise make your phone case at Wrappz

Not many of us enjoy having a case on our phones, it makes it feel bulkier and heavier and the only reason we do is because we can’t face it being damaged whenever we drop it. However, cases don’t have to be boring, you can liven things up by designing your case. Find out more.

You can show off your most loved photos of your family, memories or friends and can be reminded of the joy you feel surrounded by them whenever you pull your phone out of your pocket. There are alternative options of choosing a case designed by an artist.

Portable SpeakerTake the Party with You

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the most important accessories for your smartphone. You can carry them around when you’re out with friends or even listen to them in the shower.

Many portable speakers connect in seconds and you can control what music is playing from your phone and at a distance of around 30 feet. Start your very own party and shop for a portable speaker to bring the inner party animal out. Click here.

Increase the Efficiency of Your WorkPortable Keyboard iPad

Smartphones are almost as powerful as computers and many of us have ditched the desktop completely and opt for our phones instead. Keyboards on our phones are getting better, however many people prefer using a physical keyboard as it is much easier and faster to type this way.

There are many Bluetooth keyboards available on the market for you to easily connect to the phone whenever you’re writing an important email and so on. Purchase one that is easily compatible and is easy to carry out. Begin your search.